The cut of your diamond engagement ring can be a reflection of your personality and personal style.

Known to connoisseurs of diamond rings in Perth, the OM Jewellers team is passionate about presenting exquisite diamond jewellery. And experience has taught us engagement rings can be difficult decisions.

Below are popular diamond cuts, and the style and personality of clients who often fall in love with them. But what really matters, is that the diamond cut and design you decide on feels like the perfect fit.

Classic, timeless styles

If a timeless look is a driving concern, these cuts could appeal. Perfect for personalities preferring elegance over ostentatious flair.

Round Cut

The round cut is a resoundingly popular traditional choice. With 58 facets, this is an exquisite, dignified, and graceful cut.


Offering as many facets as the round shape, this slimmer cut has grown in popularity as a modern, fashionably elegant take.

For fans of vintage influence

Popular with fans of refined yet pretty pieces, these cuts appeal to personalities who appreciate a hint of old world design.


A longer rectangular cut equals fewer facets than the traditional round cut. Sleek lines, celebrating radiance and clarity.


The go-to for vintage-lovers, the curves of the cushion cut introduce softness, while still celebrating multi-faceted brilliance.

Ring choices for sophisticated fashionistas

One of the hallmarks of a fashion lover is the ability to take popular past styles and adapt them to the look of the moment.

Asscher Cut

This bold square shape with step-cut facets celebrates angles and sophistication. A retro trend wore with contemporary flair.


A favourite of those adoring a sparkling impact, the square or rectangular princess cut is modern, yet hints at old-fashioned glamour.

Independent and stylish

A pointed cut generally appeals to individualistic personalities happy to bypass more common engagement cuts.


With the point facing inward or outward, the tapered tear-like shape is a sparkling cut favoured by confident free spirits.


Pointed at both ends, this streamlined, somewhat daring cut is also known as a navette (French for little ship) diamond.

Gems for the bold trendsetters

Looking for an engagement ring that grabs the attention? These cuts are beloved by personalities brimming with passion.

Heart Ring Cut

A diamond cut into the shape of a love heart is contemporary, cute, romantic, and always eye-catching.

Radiant Cut

With 70 facets, the brilliance is dazzling. A crowd stopper in a rectangular or square shape, with bevelled corners.

Get a truly personal touch

Known for our custom jewellery in Perth, we can personalise your engagement ring with words in any language. Our designers also create bespoke jewellery that Perth accessory lovers adore — perfect for a unique engagement ring.

At OM Jewellers, our diamonds are between SI and VVS, colourless/near colourless in the D to H range, and ethically sourced. While we offer 0.40ct to 2ct diamonds, our specialists can source larger diamonds to suit bespoke needs.

Helping you find the perfect ring

As Perth Jewellers, we understand you’re on a journey of discovery. Diamond cuts and the personalities they might appeal to are simply a starting point. Deciding on a gold engagement ring is another aspect.

Established in the Middle East in the 1940’s, we have a long history of making the perfect ring purchase exciting, and enjoyable. Come and see us instore, or contact OM Jewellers for assistance.