About OM Jewellers

Timeless collections, quality and craftsmanship have always been the hallmark of OM Jewellers. The trusted jeweller since 1947, OM Jewellery was first established in the Middle East in 1947. The founding father of OM Jewellers Mr. Amritlal R. Dhanak has instilled the values of ethics, transparency and honesty in the firm. He has a great perception about the Middle East market and enjoys the patronage of the royal families of Bahrain, Kuwait, Saudi Arabia and United Arab Emirates, and now setting foot into the Australian Market. Amritlal has passed on the rich history built through his company and instilled its value upon his children and generations that  followed. 

OM Jewellers has a strong team of designers and craftsmen to create exquisite designs. From the quality of raw materials to finished designs, experts handpick all the gold and diamonds that we use in our jewellery. All team members are considered as family. Most of our members have grown up with the business and some have worked with Amritlal since commencement.

Considered as a contemporary jeweller, OM Jewellers specializes in the latest variation of fashionable adornments, in gold, diamond, rubies & other precious stones, silver as well as platinum jewellery. We cater to 22kt, 21kt, as well as 18kt gold jewellery. Surely our exquisite collection is one that befits the Royalty of the world.

About Gold and Diamond Jewellers

Our teams of specialists are always working hard, to their full potential to develop and deliver the latest collection, sure to dazzle even the connoisseur in fine jewellery. Each piece is uniquely designed to suit the discerned taste.

We are fully committed to providing a superior shopping experience and our trained and experienced sales people are here to help you in making the right choice. OM Jewellers believes in customer service with utmost integrity.
As the leaders of 22 Karat Pure gold in Australia, we can assure our consumers that we each item comes with a life-time gold guarantee. This comes with hassle-free money back guarantee in case the item was different as described in the invoice.

Our gold is manufactured nickel-free to avoid allergy issues. This includes our white gold jewellery. Commonly mixed with nickel to save costs in major retailers, our white gold is only mixed with palladium and rhodium plated to retain our distinctive finish.

Our Diamonds range between Si - VVs, Colourless/Near colourless Diamonds (D-H) and prefer working with ones that are Ideal or Excellent Cut. Of all the diamonds mined and cut in this world, less than 25% meet up to our strict standards.

The importance of these let us achieve jewellery with the utmost sparkle and scintillation. These higher characteristics make our diamonds shine their beauty making our jewellery as breath taking as they appear even in low light.

We achieve these measures by insuring our diamonds are ethically sourced and only though reputable sources. We often use sight-holder diamond manufactures to obtain 100% natural and non-treated/non-enhanced, at a competitive market price.