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22-Karat Gold Necklaces

Choosing a beautiful gold necklace, for yourself or a loved one, is an important decision. Here at OM Jewellers, we understand that making a gold jewellery purchase is a commitment. We’re proud to offer a stunning selection of gold jewellery in Perth, guaranteed to become a treasured adornment or heirloom. Gold has unique qualities making it highly sought after, with a lustrous colour and eye-catching shine. With our highly experienced jewellers and access to top-quality materials, each gold necklace is a soon-to-be treasured piece of gold jewellery.

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A Valuable Choice

Gold has been an important symbol of momentous life occasions as far back as the Egyptian times. Thanks to its unique colour, beautiful texture and rarity, gold continues to be one of the world’s most precious materials. All this, as well as gold metal’s magical resistance to corrosion, make it not only a safe investment but a long-lasting one. Gold jewellery is made to be owned and worn your entire life.

Choose a Unique Gold Piece

The rich history and symbolism of gold jewellery makes selecting the perfect gold necklace all the more important. The experienced team here at OM Jewellers understands that. We take pride in ensuring each customer walks away happy. This is why we offer custom designs and unique necklace creations if your vision falls outside our existing range. We offer a selection of styles to suit any taste, from chic long gold necklaces to larger show-stopping pieces, as well as gorgeous gold floral mangalsutras.

Custom Gold Fittings

Making your dream gold jewellery come to life is what we do best, by creating unique custom designs that stand out from all the competitors. By working with 100% certified authentic gold, our expert craftsmen transform your ideas into reality with stunning results. OM Jewellers was established in the Middle East in 1947, and we draw on this extensive industry experience. Our track record, combined with chic, modern designs and techniques help create exclusive fittings for all tastes. Work with us to create a unique gold necklace for you or a loved one.

How OM Jewellers Can Help You

Through decades of experience, we have established ourselves as a standout supplier of gold jewellery in Australia. Each member of our dedicated team is on hand to deliver the gold necklace you deserve with top-quality materials and unbeatable customer service. We offer an interest-free payment scheme so you can spread the cost over 6, 12, or 18 months, and should you have any questions about our Perth gold jewellery or custom-designed gold necklaces simply get in touch today. For premium quality gold, choose OM Jewellers.

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