Want that sparkling diamond shine on your beloved diamond Jewellery? This diamond care guide will help your precious diamonds achieve that bright sparkle!

Looking After Your Diamonds

Rihanna famously crooned, “Shine bright like a diamond

Indeed! The most significant aspect of any diamond jewellery and precious stones is the way they sparkle and make the wearer stand out! The textbook guide to choosing diamonds in any person’s mind is based on how the diamond sparkles!

Diamonds are undoubtedly forever. However, in order to ensure that your precious stones stand the test of time and usage and manage to shine along with you in all your glorious moments, you need to ensure that your diamond jewellery is properly cared for. Wouldn’t you want your diamond ring or necklace to compliment your beautiful personality?

Anyone possessing diamonds ought to take the utmost care of them, but do they really do it the right way in keeping their jewellery clean & bright? The maintenance of diamonds isn’t just about polishing and admiring them. It takes a lot more than that for cleaning your diamonds jewellery.

Unsurprisingly, one of the best ways to know that your diamond is in dire need of a good clean is when you notice a significant reduction in the diamond shine due to prolonged usage.

Taking care of your diamonds is an intricate process. Granted, diamonds are the world’s hardest natural material, but that does not mean that they aren’t prone to wear and tear, and you can’t expect to always see your diamonds looking fabulous. While cleaning your diamonds frequently is crucial, it is also not advisable to clean them too often. Cleaning more than required would go on to cause a lot of wear, more than you would want for your precious stones. In addition, the age-old practice of using toothpaste and baking soda does more harm than good in terms of keeping your jewellery clean.

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This write-up aims to serve as a jewellery care guide to give quality care tips for your beautiful and precious diamonds at home. Read on to understand how you can preserve the shine of your diamonds for years to come! Note these sparkling care tips carefully and ensure that your precious stones are properly cared for.


Limit Dryness & Humidity

Storage space of your precious stones shouldn’t be too dry or too humid.

It is crucial to store your diamond jewellery properly. Obviously, you aren’t going to wear them all the time. In the time frame that your piece of jewellery isn’t in your possession, they need to be stored in ideal conditions that do not deteriorate them in any way whatsoever. As such, it is very important that you protect your diamonds from dry conditions and excessive moisture.

If the storage space is too dry, your diamond jewellery stands a high chance to lose their vibrancy and shine due to the lack of light.

If the storage is too humid, the surface of your fine jewellery gets coated with an eroding later of moisture, robbing them of their shine.

Jewellery box

Store Your Diamond Jewellery in a Soft, Cushioned Jewellery Box

Your diamonds at home can potentially get scratched or eroded when it comes in contact with the inner surface of the box or other gemstones. As such, you should protect your diamonds from wear and tear by placing each diamond in an individual box laced with a soft cushioning layer within. This preserves the surface of the loose diamonds and diamond rings and necklaces and maintains the diamond size.

Furthermore, it is also advisable in storing your diamond jewellery in plastic boxes rather than metallic or ceramic containers.


Clean Your Diamonds With Water & Ammonia

As mentioned previously, instead of resorting to toothpaste and baking soda, it is way better to use a jewellery cleaner made up of equal amounts of water and ammonia. You can also stick to the ever-dependable dishwashing liquid soap solution made with warm water.

Soak your diamonds in this solution for about half an hour. After this, rinse the diamonds under running water. Finally, pat and dry the gemstones by using a soft cloth made of cotton. Basically, rinse and pat dry them completely and place them back into the storage space or use them. It is worth repeating that you should absolutely use a soft cloth always.


Soft Brushes Keep Your Diamond Jewellery Clean

You can use an incredibly soft brush such as a toothbrush (something that kids use) to gently scrub the surface of your diamonds after cleaning with warm water and jewellery cleaner solution or simply dry scrubbing it to remove dust. A perfect diamond or piece of jewellery is always clean and free from dust and contaminants.


Avoid Wearing Diamond Jewellery During Perspiration

When you engage in physical activities, you are bound to sweat. Sweat contains a high amount of sodium and the deposition of sodium on the surface of your fine jewellery takes the sheen off them. As such, removing your rings, diamond pendants, wedding rings or even loose diamonds when participating in physical activities.


Protect Your Diamonds From Harsh Chemicals

The harsh chemicals present in perfumes, deodorants, lotions etc are not exactly good when it comes to diamond care. Repeated exposure to such chemicals causes discolouration of the gemstones and precious metals in contact.


Do Not Shower With Diamond Jewellery

As tempting as it sounds, you are not doing your diamonds any favours by taking them to shower. Water contains chlorine and fluorides, both of which are not chemically good for your jewellery. Consider removing your diamond engagement rings or wedding bands before you step into the shower. Doing so may leave your diamonds looking dull over a period.


Frequent Jeweller Visits Are A Wise Decision

Just like you need to go to the dentist to maintain the health of your teeth and oral hygiene, you need to take your diamond jewellery to a professional jeweller in Perth and Brisbane to keep them in check.

OM Jewellers houses the best jewellery experts in Perth and Brisbane. Feel free to drop in at any time of the year and help you in the jewellery care tips for your precious gemstones. The shine of a diamond is equivalent to the smile of a person. We ensure that both are bright and vibrant, always!


Visit one of our Australian jewellery stores in Perth or Brisbane. For more information, contact our team today and call +61 8 9258 9952.


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