When it comes to diamonds, value is associated with rarity. Colourless or ‘white’ diamonds hold the most value because they are the rarest and have long been the most popular option for engagement rings and other forms of diamond jewellery.

When it comes to fancy coloured diamonds, some colours are more valuable than others based on rarity. Colour in diamonds is caused by impurities or defects, whereas colourless diamonds are ‘pure’. This can include the presence of nitrogen, boron elements or crystal lattice defects during formation.


Brown Diamonds

Brown or champagne coloured diamonds are the most common and come in a wide range of saturations and intensity. The colour is caused by the presence of nitrogen when the diamond is developing. Medium to dark toned brown diamonds with a golden appearance are typically the most prized. The largest diamond in the world is a brown diamond and is called the Golden Jubilee.


Yellow Diamonds

The second most common colour, yellow diamonds are also referred to as canary diamonds and can range from bright yellow to brownish hues. Yellow diamonds are most prized for their brilliance, meaning the most valuable are the ones with the most intense colour. Like brown diamonds, the yellow colour is caused by the presence of nitrogen.


Green Diamonds

Green diamonds are created when radiation displaces carbon atoms within the crystal structure. Most green diamonds have a skin tone, meaning only the outer surface was directly exposed to alpha radiation and took on a light tone at a relatively low intensity. Diamonds with a green body colour are much rarer and more desirable, featuring a deep hue and intense colour caused by direct exposure to beta and gamma radiation.


Pink and Purple Diamonds

Pink and purple diamonds are rare and get their colouring from crystal distortion. Pink diamonds are mostly found in Western Australia and come in a variety of saturations. The more vivid the colour, the more valuable. Purple diamonds are only found in Australia and Siberia, are rarely found over 5 carats and rarely feature vivid colours.


Blue Diamonds

Blue diamonds are extremely rare, and like purple diamonds, are rarely found with vivid or intense colours. The blue colour is caused by the presence of boron in the diamond are is typically light or pale in tone compared to the intense colour of a sapphire. Blue diamonds with a strong deep colour are among the rarest in the world and therefore extremely valuable.


Red Diamonds

Of all the fancy diamonds, red is by far the rarest and consequently most valuable. They are unique in that the red colour is not caused by an impurity. Like colourless diamonds, there are made purely from carbon. The red is caused by a rare occurrence in its atomic structure.


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