Imagine wearing a personalised piece of jewellery that tells your story, a unique symbol that carries your identity, memories and dreams. This is the essence of personalised jewellery in Australia – a growing trend that transforms traditional accessories into meaningful narratives. Yet, this trend is not just about accessorising –  it’s about creating personal emblems that resonate with individuality and self-expression. Join us as we explore personalised jewellery in Australia and uncover how these custom pieces can become an integral part of personal storytelling and style.

Introduction To Personalised Jewellery In Australia

The world of personalised jewellery in Australia is witnessing a change, driven by the desire to own pieces that are as distinctive as the individuals wearing them. Gone are the days of ‘one size fits all’ accessories. Today, it’s about crafting jewellery that speaks to personal journeys, to celebrate milestones and hold the essence of memories. It’s a testament to the craftsmanship that intertwines with personal narratives, creating treasures that are not just worn but cherished.

Names & Initials

In the personalised jewellery scene, names and initials stand as powerful symbols of identity and personal connection. They transform simple pieces into meaningful treasures, reflecting the wearer’s story and essence.

Engraving Options

Engraving offers a simple yet impactful way to add personal significance to jewellery. Whether it’s the name or initials, a particular date, or a meaningful phrase, engraved jewellery becomes a wearable reminder of the moments and people that matter most. Contact our team about custom engraving options for items in our collection.


The nameplate is a classic staple in the world of personalised jewellery. With a variety of fonts and styles available, it’s possible to tailor a nameplate to match the wearer’s personality perfectly. Whether you prefer a bold statement or a minimalist design, a nameplate necklace is a stylish way to wear a piece of your identity.

Popular Personalised Jewellery Options

Signet Rings

Signet rings are steeped in history – they were once used as a personal signature or symbol of family heritage. Today, they’ve been reimagined as a fashionable way to express individual style and identity. Whether adorned with initials, a family crest or a unique symbol, signet rings offer a blend of tradition and personal expression.

Nameplate Necklaces

Mehr 22k Script Font Nameplate Necklace 7g gold jewellery perth

Nameplate necklaces continue to be a popular choice for those seeking personalised jewellery in Australia. They strike a perfect balance between personal value and fashion, making them ideal for daily wear or special events.

Custom Wedding Jewellery

Weddings are deeply personal events and what better way to celebrate than with customised jewellery? From engagement rings to wedding bands, personalising these pieces adds a layer of intimacy and uniqueness to the celebration. In fact, custom wedding jewellery not only commemorates the special day but also serves as a lasting symbol of love and partnership.


Explore The OM Jewellers Personalised Range

At OM Jewellers, we’re dedicated to crafting jewellery that tells your story. Our personalised collection is designed to meet the diverse needs and preferences of our clients, offering the freedom to customise nearly every aspect of your chosen piece. Whether you’re drawn to the enduring charm of a signet ring, the personal flair of a nameplate necklace or the intimate symbolism of custom wedding jewellery, we’re here to bring your vision to life.

We encourage you to contact to our team and explore the possibilities that personalised jewellery offers. With OM Jewellers, your story is our inspiration and we’re committed to creating pieces that you’ll treasure for a lifetime. Let us help you make a statement that’s as unique as you are.