Carefully selected accessories complement and celebrate your style and taste, helping make an unforgettable impression.

At OM Gold & Diamonds, we want you to appreciate our designs, and love wearing them. We aim to help you discover beautiful jewellery that looks fabulous, and easily coordinates with your wardrobe.


The art of accessorising

Clothing, makeup, hairstyle, and accessories should be approached as a complete aesthetic. A simple first step is to verify clothing and jewellery sit well together, in the physical sense.

jewellery that matches your outfit

  • Collars can interfere with the drape of a necklace or even earrings. Whether on skin or fabric, make sure no part is twisted or bent, and that you’ve accounted for impact on length.
  • Necklines matter when choosing accessories. A feature piece shouldn’t end up caught or half-hidden. Be aware fashion details such as lace or buttons may interfere with jewellery.
  • Sleeves can create friction with bangles, bracelets, and armbands. Check if jewellery can fit over fabric, take cuffs into account, and decide if sleeves need to be rolled or pushed up.
  • Patterns on fabric may prove problematic, as an intricate pendant could be lost in the visual chaos. Small and simple, or large and bold jewellery is best suited to patterned clothing.


Accentuation and style

Jewellery designs that echo your sense of style are an easy way to coordinate. For example, contemporary elegant accessories for modern luxe fashion, and vintage inspired pieces for bohemian styling.

Accessories are also used to draw the gaze, highlighting neckline, manicure, or décolletage. For one-off pieces that capture personality, OM Gold & Diamonds create outstanding Perth bespoke jewellery.


Choosing gemstones

Gemstones are often recommended to suit skin tone, fashion sense, birth date or even season. What really matters, is that you love the cut and colour. Your reflection should please your tastes.

Avoid accessories you find overwhelming. If uncomfortable with bold gemstones or craftwork, choose diamond jewellery. These clear, sparkling pieces complement all clothes and skin tones.

gemstone jewellery


Flouting the rules

Clashing or complementing is a choice. Fashionistas love blurring boundaries. Match precious metals and gemstone shades to clothing, or enjoy bold contrasts. Mix silver and golds at whim.

Layered jewellery can look sensational. Start with a style framework, meaning similar design aesthetics or shapes. As leaders in Perth custom jewellery designs, we can customise pieces for you.


Getting started

Not sure where to begin? Suggestions to consider include:

  • A tasteful pendant is a lovely touch in casual or workplace settings. Gorgeous with an office blouse, or worn over a t-shirt.
  • Slipping on beautiful gold bangles can lift a relatively plain ensemble. Just remember to take care with delicate fabrics.
  • Donning a gorgeously designed diamond ring fusing modern and vintage influences can prove a conversation starter.
  • Elegant contemporary earrings are perfect for those new to jewellery, and a great addition to accessory collections.
  • A striking matching set that includes necklace and earrings is finishes your everyday fashion with tasteful flair.
  • For formal occasions, choose a simple ensemble and slip on a showcase necklace featuring a favoured gemstone.


Speak to our specialists

Whether shopping online or instore, we excel at helping clients discover the perfect accessories to define their style, and boost their confidence. Contact our friendly team for advice today.