There is nothing more special than a piece of personalised jewellery – especially if it is handed down from generation to generation. Exquisite heirloom pieces become treasured family delights – so why not start a tradition in your family with an item of personalised OM Gold & Diamonds jewellery?

Personalised jewellery is a made-to-order or bespoke item engraved or hand-stamped with names, initials, or dates. This process delivers a unique piece you can add to your growing jewellery collection. Ultimately, personalised jewellery is a piece where the purchaser has input and control over the final appearance or creation of the actual piece. You can break this definition down further into five sub-categories: customised, individualised, custom-made, one-of-a-kind (bespoke), and sentimental.

Bespoke jewellery in Perth

Bespoke pieces like hand-stamped pendants or re-designed existing pieces are items imbued with intense personal meaning for the wearer. They may commemorate the birth or passing of a loved one, a wedding date, or a significant birthday. Whatever the meaning, the joy the wearer feels when adorned with a personalised item of jewellery is hard to match.

Custom jewellery for men

Engraving cuff links, money clips, and tie clips are also a way of creating a personalised piece of jewellery for the remarkable men in your life.

Unique in every way

Due to the hand-crafted nature of personalised jewellery, every piece is individually made, which makes it even more personal as no two are the same. The spacing, letter alignment, size and depth of letter impression will vary for hand-stamped jewellery.

Reasons personalized jewellery makes the perfect gift

It tells a story

Most people remember who gave us our jewelry and why they did it. Each piece tells a story, memorialising your connection with the giver.

It is unique

Personalised jewelry sets you apart. Your loved one will adore the time and effort you put into creating an individual item.

It is heirloom-worthy

By personalising an existing piece of jewellery by adding engraving or ordering a custom-made piece, you are creating a sentimental and treasured piece for future generations. Each piece is unique and held very dearly by its owner.

Choose OM Gold & Diamonds for your personalised jewellery in Perth

From dress rings and necklaces to bracelets and charms, let OM Gold & Diamonds create an incredible piece of personalised jewellery for your loved one. OM Gold & Diamonds are the best jewellers in Perth with a strong team of designers and craftsmen to help you make an exquisite design.

Our experts handpick the gold and diamonds used in our Indian jewellery items. Each piece is designed to suit discerning tastes. Known for our custom jewellery in Perth, we can personalise your jewellery with words in any language. Our designers also create bespoke jewellery that Perth accessory-lovers adore — perfect for a unique engagement ring.

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