Accessories that capture your sense of style make all the difference during important first impressions.

OM Gold & Diamonds excel at helping male clients discover sophisticated, modern men’s jewellery they find appealing and comfortable. Suave, quality pieces that suit your lifestyle and work with your wardrobe, while respecting your wallet.


Mens rings have a long and varied history. Different societies and religions believed wearing rings on certain fingers held meaning. The placement of a wedding ring, for example, is defined by cultural traditions.

Like a beard or haircut, rings help define and emphasise your look. In general, mens rings are thicker and often showcase linear design elements—but how many are worn, and the preferred aesthetic, is up to you.

Wearing more rings on one hand is fine, as is leaving one hand bare. Our team can ensure the right ring fit. On a practical level, rings that protrude may prove problematic in daily life, dependent on your job.

Fun or sophisticated, rings reflect style and personality. We offer a range of diamond and gold mens rings, and mens wedding bands. Fashion rings are in demand, especially ones that reference leading brands.

Combo appeal

A paired combo is the easiest way to ensure jewellery is in sync, and a perfect start for men unfamiliar with accessorising. Ring and bracelet combinations are popular for those wanting a cosmopolitan finish.

Matching earrings and chains can also be incorporated. Some men love the sleekness of a definitive set, rather than trying to mix and match various designs. If uncertain, our friendly experts are on hand to help.


Quality mens bracelets express an appreciation for texture and workmanship. A bracelet can complement or contrast rings. Often men prefer rings and bracelets on their dominant hand. Layered bracelets imply confidence.

Just be aware a mens bracelet may not sit as well if you have a penchant for large cuff links. Do you wear a watch? Confirm it won’t be scratched by the addition of a bracelet. If an issue arises, consider switching wrists.

Chains and necklaces

Layering works when you choose a collection of different lengths or chains and necklaces that don’t compete voraciously to hold the gaze. Pendants are also popular for men, especially symbols that honour religion or culture.

Mens chains are on trend these days, and our range is both classic and contemporary. Choose a feature piece or add another chain. Make sure any chain of choice sits neatly over or under your usual fashion.

Choosing metals

While yellow gold is generally recommended for warmer skin tones and platinum for cooler skin tones, the metal that most appeals to your sense of style is the real winner—including white gold and pink gold.

Mixing shades of gold can work, especially if you include two-tone jewellery amongst your accessories. If uncertain, stick to one gold. Yellow gold has traditionally been worn by men due to connotations with wealth and power.

Personalised jewellery

At OM Gold and Diamonds our experienced designers create custom jewellery in Perth for men who desire a truly unique piece. We also personalise jewellery, especially suited for commemorative occasions.

We love helping men discover jewellery they enjoy wearing. If you’re hesitant, come in and try on a few options. For those selecting mens jewellery online who have questions, feel free to contact us today.