Whether you’re a traditionalist or like to push boundaries, a diamond engagement ring is something of a given. For centuries it’s been custom to gift your loved one with a stunning diamond ring before an upcoming union, and while there are many stories on how that started, the reality is a shining diamond is incomparable in its beauty with durable qualities letting it last forever (just like your love!). When choosing engagement rings in Perth it may be tempting to go for the cheaper cubic zirconia, as they resemble a diamond, but be sure to first understand their real differences.

What is cubic zirconia?

Cubic zirconia is a synthetic gemstone created in a lab, and is clear, colourless, and cut to mimic a diamond shape. At a glance it may resemble a diamond ring, but in reality it differs immensely in true beauty, value, and physical appearance. The unique reflectiveness and shine of a real diamond cannot be copied, and their insane hardness (and their ability to cut glass!) cannot be recreated. A true diamond will emanate white light, whereas a cubic zirconia will show a rainbow of coloured light. Choosing a diamond ring in Perth means investing in a precious jewel, not only representing true love for your Perth engagement ring but also true quality.

The meaning of a real diamond

Diamonds are forever’ as the famous De Beers’ jewellers advertising campaign goes, and the truth of this has seeped into the love traditions of giving an engagement ring. No matter how big or showy the ring, if it’s not a real diamond then maybe it’s not real love. In realistic terms a cubic zirconia stone is worth almost nothing when you consider a resale value; often the setting is worth more than the fake stone. Stunning white diamonds will cost you more upfront, but you are guaranteed a genuine jewel that will retain it’s magic shine and value forever.

Perth diamond engagement rings

The cultural significance of diamonds has stood the test of time, and is just as important today to those choosing an engagement ring in Perth. Here at OM Jewellers we pride ourselves not only on the quality of diamonds we work with, but the variance of size and style we have on offer to suit the needs and tastes of anyone looking for diamond rings in Perth. Browse beautiful oval and solitaire shaped diamonds while choosing a fitting that represents you; from classic gold, yellow gold and white gold, to rose gold and titanium. We understand finding a Perth engagement ring is a personal choice, and offer custom jewellery design to bring your diamond jewellery dreams to life. Why not also consider a gorgeous diamond necklace or pendant to mark that special occasion?

Let us help you

OM Jewellers has been providing top quality Perth engagement rings for years, and our knowledge of diamonds and their worth is exceptional. Work with us to bring your custom jewellery design to life, or browse our impressive range of Perth diamond rings. We offer a special interest free payment scheme, spreading the cost over 6, 12, or 18 months. For any queries about our Perth engagement rings, contact us today.