Deciding on a lab or mined diamond is an important step for those considering purchasing precious diamond jewellery.

At OM Gold & Diamonds we create stunning designs using both lab and mined diamonds. Whatever your preference you can trust us to source exquisite diamonds. Our focus is always on quality, and we offer an array of cuts.

Diamond adornment is a personal aesthetic choice. We believe diamond jewellery should resonate in the heart of the wearer. Whether you decide on lab or mined diamonds, an informed selection is recommended.

Key differences

Lab diamonds differ from natural diamonds in terms of origins. Lab diamonds is short for laboratory diamonds, meaning they are created. Unlike mined diamonds that occur naturally, and are sourced from the Earth through mining.

mined vs lab grown diamonds

A lab diamond is just as hard as a mined diamond. But while mined diamonds take billions of years to develop, lab diamonds are generally created in less than a month, with science imitating the natural development process.

It is difficult even for professionals to differentiate the two types without appropriate equipment. So, is a lab or mined diamond the smarter choice? A few factors need to be considered before deciding on your preference.

Cost and asset

A lab diamond is much less expensive than a similar quality mined diamond. The difference in cost can be anywhere up to 30-40%. As a result, a lab diamond will be more impressive than a mined diamond at every price point.

The gap in price is a huge part of the appeal lab diamonds hold for modern jewellery lovers. A ring with a lab diamond is going to be more accessible for clients working with a limited budget, hence the rise in popularity.

However, if you plan to resell your jewellery at a later date, a mined diamond will offer a much higher return. Unlike mined diamonds, lab diamonds do not increase or even maintain value. Their resell value is much lower.


Grading and certification can be obtained for both types of diamonds. At OM Gold & Diamonds we provide our clients with ethically sourced diamonds, and only use reputable suppliers. We pride ourselves on our transparency.

When it comes to the four Cs of Diamonds — colour, clarity, cut, and carat — both types of diamonds perform beautifully. Lab diamonds, though formed differently, are still diamonds, unlike other clear sparkling options on the market.

Moissanite and cubic zirconia are not diamonds, and sparkle differently from diamonds. Moissanite is simulated to resemble diamonds but created from another substance; Cubic Zirconia is manmade, and less hard.

Diamond specialists

We understand the art of the diamond. Established in 1947, OM Gold & Diamonds are renowned for offering a diverse range of spectacular diamond jewellery, and known as one of Perth’s leading bespoke jewellery specialists.

Our diamonds range from 0.40ct to 2ct but we can always accommodate requests for larger diamonds. We offer diamond custom jewellery in Perth perfect for engagements, weddings, anniversaries, and special occasions.

Whether browsing for diamond jewellery online or visiting instore, OM Gold & Diamonds friendly team can answer any queries about quality diamonds, and our showcase designs. Contact us today to discuss your diamond needs.