Favourite accessory losing its gleam? Careful cleaning can return jewellery pieces to their former glory, without damaging delicate designs.

Whether purchasing your jewellery online or instore, OM Gold & Diamonds are committed to a level of craftsmanship and quality that results in spectacular pieces destined to become family heirlooms.

But over time, everyday pollutants, sweat, dust, and bacteria can be detrimental for appearance. Caring for contemporary jewellery via regular cleaning ensures pieces retain their sparkle and shine.


Gold care

Gold jewellery is best soaked for a thorough yet gentle clean. Place half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in a bowl of warm water, and swirl until drops dissolves. Leave jewellery soaking for 5-10 minutes. Remove from water.

Use a soft brush with very gentle bristles to clean gold pieces, minimising the chance of scratching. Place in a strainer, and rinse under running water. To finish, polish with a soft cloth, and let sit till dry.

gold jewellery cleaning


Silver care

For a simple and safe home clean, mix half a teaspoon of dishwashing liquid in a small bowl of warm water, dip in a soft cloth, and rub the jewellery gently. Finish by rinsing with just water, and buff with a dry cloth.

While some swear baking soda and toothpaste work magic, we recommend against them, as an overly strong clean risks harm. There are reputable jewellery cleaners on the market for heavily tarnished pieces.

silver jewellery cleaning


Gemstone jewellery

A soft brush dipped in a mixture of warm water and mild dishwashing liquid is standard but confirm beforehand your precious stone isn’t better suited to cleaning with cold water or dry cleaned with a soft cloth.

This is important because dependant on the gem (i.e. porous), type of cut, and treatment, some cleaning options may cause issues. Also, keep in mind if using cosmetic sprays, do so before putting on jewellery.

gemstone cleaning


Pearl cleaning

Pearls should be gently wiped after each wear. Don’t place pearls in water. Instead, using warm but not hot soapy water, dip in the softest brush, and carefully clean pearls. Use a soft cloth to wipe them dry.

Make sure pearl jewellery is dry before storing, and don’t store with other pieces to avoid scratching. A pearl’s surface is generally soft and does not appreciate heat or pressure, so treat with care.

pearl cleaning


Professional advice

Certain gemstones and surfaces can be irreparably damaged if cleaned incorrectly. When uncertain, speak to our friendly and experienced team for tips on keeping your jewellery in perfect condition.

As leading creators of bespoke jewellery in Perth, we suggest bringing your beloved pieces in for a professional clean each year, especially if constant daily wear has placed any settings at risk.


Complimentary cleaning

One of the services OM Gold & Diamonds proudly offers is complimentary cleaning for existing clients. We want to help you cherish our beautiful pieces, and ensure they stay in stunning condition.

If you attempt a home clean and something goes wrong, we are always available for Perth jewellery repairs and alterations. Where possible, these are performed on-site. Contact our team for assistance.