Gold jewellery is a timeless accessory. From stunning gold earrings to classic gold rings and exquisite engagement rings, the simplicity and elegance of gold jewellery never go out of fashion. Many people wear their gold jewellery every day because they love it so much, but how do you keep the gold gleaming and in good condition?

Read on to learn all you need to know about caring for your gold jewellery.

Jewellery maintenance

It’s perfectly natural for your gold pieces to dull or fade over time, which is why regular cleaning and maintenance are essential to the health and lifespan of your gold jewellery. Regular cleaning, repair, and maintenance of your gold jewellery will:

  • Increase its lifespan
  • Keep pieces sparkling
  • Eliminate dust, body oils, and makeup buildup

Cleaning gold jewellery

Clean regularly: Items you wear daily (gold wedding bands and engagement rings) require regular cleaning and maintenance.

Submerge in warm soapy water: use a gentle fragrance and additive-free dish soap. Let jewellery soak for a while, then remove and rinse items with clean water. Use a soft cloth to gently dry each piece before wearing it.

Be gentle: gold is naturally soft, making it susceptible to scratching, bending, and tarnishing. Protect your gold jewellery from damage while cleaning by using soft cloths or soft-bristled brushes.

Avoid harsh chemicals: keep gold pieces away from harsh chemicals, especially chlorine.

Gold jewellery care tips

  • Remove gold jewellery before showering.
  • Store gold jewelry in a jewellery box with compartments for each item.
  • Get ready first, then put on your jewellery after you’ve applied body moisturisers, lotions, or perfumes.
  • Keep gold jewelry away from hard surfaces.

How to make gold shine

For extra sparkle, use a polishing cloth or jeweller-specified cleaner, which is designed for gold jewellery. We want your gold jewellery to look fantastic for as long as possible, so if you have any issues or concerns, bring it in so one of our experts can assess your item. We regularly perform jewellery repairs, and our team will be able to breathe new life in old or damaged gold jewellery.

Trust OM Gold & Diamond jewellers

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