Your Questions About Couples Rings Answered

Promise rings have been around for centuries. While the time of betrothals has long passed, matching couples’ rings are continuing to grow in popularity thanks to their unique ability to show mutual commitment and the range of unique styles available.

So, can a boyfriend and girlfriend have matching rings? The answer is a resounding yes! Read on to learn more.

Couples’ Rings – All You Need To Know

Historically couples’ rings have been used to represent the time before an upcoming engagement, later becoming a means of showing equality and respect in a loving relationship.

However, whether or not you want to ‘be engaged to be engaged’, beautiful matching rings can represent whichever significance you and your partner choose. Many unmarried couples display their love and commitment to the world through matching rings, while others use couple rings as placeholders while finding the perfect engagement or wedding band.

A Brief History Of Couples Rings

Originally known as promise rings, couples’ rings likely originated in Rome around the 2nd century BC as a symbol of a promise of marriage. Surging in popularity in 16th century England as a token of romance or love, couples’ rings remainedfashionablen over the years as a sign of an exclusive relationship, or ‘going steady’ as they said in the 50s!

Promise rings have come to mean a dedication to chastity before marriage, but contemporary couples’ rings simply show shared love and affection. In South Korea, it’s common for couples to wear matching rings after 100 days together as a symbol of mutual respect and commitment.

Can An Unmarried Couple Wear Matching Rings?

Rings contain a lot of symbolism, but remember the importance of couples’ rings lies only with the two people involved. Whether or not you plan to get married in the future, wearing matching rings is a personal choice that shows your partner how much you love and respect them.

The answer to the question ‘can boyfriend and girlfriend have matching rings?’ is yes, as commitment rings simply show both parties are on the same page in a meaningful way.

Are Couples Rings The Same As Engagement Rings?

Promise rings for couples lie alongside engagement rings, but there’s a wider range of design styles and options to choose from. Typically worn as an everyday piece of jewellery on whichever finger suits, many couples select a more subtle and simple design than engagement rings.

How Do I Know Which Size To Buy?

The following tips can help you find the right size couples or engagement rings to buy for your partner:

  • Borrow a ring
  • Draw where their ring sits on your finger
  • Take a photo of it next to a ruler
  • Use a ring multisizer to measure
  • Check existing pieces for ring size inside
  • Ask family members
  • Ask a friend to take them ring shopping
  • Try a ring on while they’re asleep
  • Simply ask them!

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