Over the years, OM Jewellers has seen traditional takes on wedding rings, wedding bands and engagement rings — along with non-conventional approaches. We’re here to answer your questions on the long history of marriage and jewellery.

Deciding what adornments to wear in celebration of your union and how you’d like to wear them, remains a personal choice. As leading Perth jewellers, we’re more than happy to help you discover the perfect designs.

Do I need an engagement ring?

Engagement rings traditionally accompany the proposal, although some prefer to select the ring post-proposal. While you can skip the engagement ring, they remain an extremely popular celebration of promised commitment.

More traditional designs feature a central diamond of the bride-to-be’s preferred cut, with the option of surrounding gems. But engagement rings can be any design, from subtly elegant to outrageously glamorous.

Short answer: not strictly, but talk to your partner first!

Should my wedding ring match the engagement ring?

While an engagement ring can double as a wedding ring, traditionally a second ring is chosen. A wedding band is the most recognised type. But in today’s world, the design of your wedding ring is entirely personal.

Diamond bands are the most popular. The possibility of a bespoke jewellery design also exists. OM Jewellers can even incorporate gemstones or materials from family heirlooms into a unique ring design.

Short answer: it’s up to you! Most couples prioritise their personal preferences over matching the engagement ring exactly.

How do I wear both rings?

Depending on culture, the rings are traditionally worn on the fourth finger of the left or right hand. (Originally wedding bands replaced engagement rings.) In certain countries, engagement and wedding rings are worn on separate hands.

Separating engagement and wedding rings might appeal if one ring per finger is favoured. Design can impact this decision. Some engagement and wedding rings sit more comfortably together, especially if a paired design.

Short answer: it depends on ring size, design & your country. In Australia, wearing your engagement ring and your wedding ring on the fourth finger of your left hand is typical.

Are our wedding rings supposed to match?

While ring designs can complement, a couple’s wedding bands don’t have to match. For those wanting matching bands, our professional, friendly team will offer a selection of styles suited to your tastes.

As diamond ring specialists, OM Jewellers are able to personalise wedding bands with paired engravings in your language of choice. This way, different designs carry matching heartfelt sentiments.

Short answer: the rings of the bride and the groom traditionally match, though this is not a hard and fast rule.

Do I have to wear a ring? What about other jewellery types instead?

On occasion, a client replaces one or both rings with alternate jewellery. For example, a hand-picked pendant to celebrate an engagement, in a style that matches the wedding band.

Those wanting to forego rings could opt for earrings, bracelet or a necklace to commemorate the wedding ceremony. With wedding jewellery, ease of wear matters. Personalised pieces often hold appeal.

Short answer: wearing a ring is by far the most common option. Alternative personalised wedding jewellery is gaining popularity.

What are popular wedding designs for men?

Men usually choose thicker wedding bands than women, perhaps because the band is commonly worn alone on the finger. Two tone bands are bestsellers, while others prefer diamond wedding bands.

Grooms-to-be often purchases a chain or bracelet to commemorate their engagement, in a style that complements the wedding band. Most designs can be customised, for those preferring rose or white gold.

Short answer: thicker bands are most common and are sometimes paired with chains or bracelets in the same colour.

How do I make the comfortable choice?

Brides-to-be needn’t worry they are wearing rings the “wrong” way. For friendly, professional and experienced help when choosing diamond rings in Perth, visit an OM Jewellers store or contact us online.