Designing your own ring

At OM Jewellers, we believe that jewellery is very personal. And there is nothing more personal than to design a one-off ring (or jewellery) that captures that form into precious metals and gems. We are here to help and guide you with our capability although the ring will end up having your characteristics that have been shaped from your personality and experiences.

Best part, as majority of this work (design & manufacture) is done in-house, our costs for custom designing are significantly lessor than our competitors.

Our jewellers are skilled with any karat of Gold, Silver, Platinum as well as Palladium. We normally have stock of Diamonds and gemstones to view in-store, or can try to bring some, as consignment, to see in person. The process is very easy and simple, and generally carried out in the 3-step process below.

Step 1

Select Your Stone

Click here to search for your perfect diamond. We are always here to guide you with our expertise, in case this feels overwhelming, just follow the link below to enquire. You can even follow our diamond buyers guide for the right education you may need. We can also source gemstones.

Step 2

Design Your Ring

We can draw inspiration from our wide range of existing designs or start entirley from scratch. Maybe there Is a concept which you alway wished to have. At this stage. well start of bystains your requiremtents and developing a rough sketch. You can even upload your ideas to us, either from this link or email:

Step 3

Final Development

Our final step, before the craftmanship begins, is to get a computer aided drawing (CAD). This will allow us to view the concept from all angles. As this allows fora more dearer image it ensures that we make the ring exactly the way you envisaged.

Then, when the CAD is perfect, our clients receive a rendered image which provides a 3D view of what the finished product will look like while the ring is being crafted. We believe that by using modern technology we can provide our clients with the highest customer service and ensure they create a ring that will be loved forever. This process can be used for any jewellery design and we welcome customers who already have their own precious stones.

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