All types of jewellery, be it a gorgeous wedding band or a special diamond pendant, requires a good clean every now and then. When you wear a piece of jewellery regularly, like an engagement ring, it builds up layers of grime and dirt over time and all of a sudden you’ll notice  – it looks filthy! This is completely normal, but it is worth incorporating regular cleaning of your precious jewelry into your routine to avoid longer lasting tarnishes. As long-standing Perth jewellers we’re here to offer our advice and services to help keep your gold, silver, diamonds, and gemstone jewellery gleaming.

Tips for cleaning your jewellery

The first step is to identify which pieces of your jewellery collection are in need of a clean, so have a close look and pull out key pieces for washing. Every 6 months tends to be a good time to clean well-worn pieces such as a wedding ring, and every 12 months should be enough for lesser-worn diamond rings and jewels. Prepare some warm water with a gentle soap, and bathe the soiled pieces before giving them a gentle scrub with a cloth or soft bristle brush. Afterwards dry it quickly and throughout, before storing the jewellery carefully.

What not to do

As prime jewellers in Perth we’ve seen what happens when people use harsh cleaners like toothpaste or baking soda to clean their jewellery, and the results can be upsetting as well as irreversible. Start with gentle soaps before attempting stronger techniques, such as a silver dip or polishing cloth and for some pieces like sterling silver wedding rings or pendants.

We offer complimentary cleaning

Caring for your precious jewellery, especially wedding bands and engagement rings, is a key aspect for ensuring they stand the test of time and don’t lose their sheen. For the team here at OM Jewellers helping keep your new jewelry in top condition is a key part of our service as Perth jewellers. This is why we offer a complimentary cleaning service to all existing clients, and provide specialist services that are tricky to carry out at home. Depending on the gemstones or materials in your jewellery we will use different techniques; diamond rings or engagement rings with a jewel require a different clean to say a sterling silver wedding band.

How OM Jewellers can help you

As your long-standing jewellers in Perth we work hard to not only provide you with top quality wedding bands and diamond rings, but to also ensure your investment stands the test of time and is kept in great condition. As well as offering complimentary cleaning to our existing clients, we also provide on-site repairs and key altersions for any of our customers. We place a lot of importance ein the happiness of our customers, something we show by offering a special interest free payment scheme that spreads the cost over 6, 12, or 18 months. For any questions about our services as Perth jewellers, or how we can help take care of your wedding ring or diamond engagement ring, contact us today.