So, you and your partner are getting married and the time has come to select an engagement ring so you can announce your engagement to your family and friends as well as represent your romance and style for a lifetime. Below is a guide on what you should consider.


What Will Your Partner Like?

Figuring out what kind of ring your partner will like can be difficult, but you can get clues from their everyday style. Do they favour traditional, more classic style or quirkier and edgier styles? Also consider their lifestyle. People who are active or work with their hands may prefer a ring with a low profile (a gem that sits closer to the hand).

The best approach when selecting your jewellery style is what you connect with emotionally. Consult your partner’s friends or family members for advice if you are stuck on what kind of style you think your partner will like the most.


What Type of Stone?

Choosing a stone once again comes down to personal preferences and style. Are you a traditionalist who like the classic, timeless elegance of a diamond ring? The colour of a diamond is graded from the most coveted, D (colourless), to Z (light yellow). Don’t be afraid to buck convention and get a coloured ring if it better represents the flair of your personality. Diamonds can come in a range of colours from blue and red to black.

There are also a range of cuts to choose from. This includes round, princess, cushion, emerald and more. Each cut shows off unique attributes of the stone. Once again, consider your personal taste and style when choosing as the right cut is a completely subjective matter.



When choosing a gold ring, it’s important to consider karatage. 24 karat gold is the purest form, while 22-karat gold contains 91.7 per cent, 18-karat goldcontains 75 per cent, 14 karat gold 58.5 per cent and 10 karat gold contains 41.6 per cent pure gold. Anything above 18k is too soft and pliable to support heavily studded and diamond jewellery like an engagement ring.

Choose between 10k and 18k depending on your budget. Keep in mind that karat when referred to the purity of gold should not be confused with diamond carat, which refers to the weight of a diamond.


The Setting

The setting is all about how you’ll show off the stone in your engagement ring. You can choose from a variety of options including the solitaire, which mounts a single diamond for a bold, attention grabbing effect and the halo, which involves having a centre diamond with smaller diamonds around it. Choosing a setting is about style as well as what you want in terms of wearability.


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