Diamond vs Other Gemstones for Engagement Rings

Diamond engagement ring isolated in box

Diamond vs Other Gemstones for Engagement Rings

There are a variety of things to consider when choosing an engagement ring, from the style of ring to the setting and the type of gemstone.Diamond rings are the traditional option when it comes to engagement rings. However, others prefer to be unconventional and choose a colourful gemstone. Below we look at some key considerations when choosing between the two options.



The colourless appearance of a diamond means they’re a versatile accessory because they match any style and skin tone. They are also renowned for their sparkle, adding luxury into the wearer’s everyday life. Others are attracted to certain coloured gemstones because they have a particular fondness for a certain colour.


One issue with gemstones is that they are often heat treated to enhance the richness of the colour. In some cases, this effect can fade in time. Remember that diamonds are not always colourless. You can get them in a wide range of colours including blue, red, green, purple and black.



For some people, choosing a gemstone for their engagement ring is a financial decision as well as a stylistic one. Diamonds are certainly more expensive than other gems due to their beauty and rarity. A single diamond, called a solitaire, is usually the priciest. The bigger and better quality your diamond is, the more expensive it is. If you believe cost is a barrier to getting a diamond ring, you can opt for a cluster ring made up of smaller diamonds that simulate the look of a larger diamond at a lower cost.



When it comes to durability, diamonds are the undisputable winner over other gems. Diamonds are extremely strong and hard wearing. This makes them ideal for everyday wear as they endure a lifetime and more. The softer your gemstone, the more likely it is to scratch, chip and crack during day to day activities like when you take a shower, clean the house or expose them to heat.


Few other gems come close to a diamond in terms of hardness. For this reason, other gemstones are usually cut as a cabochon, or polished stone, to make them less prone to damage. Diamond jewellery is better suited for everyday wear while jewellery with other gemstones are better suited for occasional wear.


Long Term Value

Diamonds are timeless in their value. This makes them a good investment as well as a beautiful, durable accessory that can represent your romance for a lifetime. Unlike some other investments, diamonds appreciate in value to match inflation. Diamonds also don’t depreciate in value for being second hand. So long as they are in good condition, which is likely considering how hard wearing they are, diamonds are guaranteed to increase in value over time.


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